The Future Of My Family

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“Don’t ask me who any of these people are, cause I have no idea.” That’s what my brother Nick said as we parked outside the funeral home.

My grandfather was 89 when he died. I went to his funeral because it was the right thing to do, but really, I didn’t know him very well. The crazy thing is that I didn’t know anyone there, and neither did anyone else.

My dad has three sisters and he only talked to them when it was about my grandfather.

I have five siblings and years ago, my older brothers made a pact that we would never go  down the same road as our dad and his sisters.

But I have to admit…I sometimes wonder, in 30 years, will we end up strangers too?

Already there’s been a breach in the pact and we barely talk to one of my brothers anymore. I hope that one day, all of us will put aside our differences, if not for ourselves, for our children.


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