Redefining The Word Friendship

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Now that I have been through many friendships with the same ending, I don’t even want new friends anymore.

I met my best girl friend, in the 5th grade. In middle school we were inseparable. Whenever we needed to get something off our chests we would call each other and talk until the sun came up.

At the end of middle school, we decided that we were all we needed to survive high school. But then she became popular and everything changed. She only called when she wanted something — like a ride to a party or to borrow a shirt from my closet.

Now that freshman year is over, I’ve realized I don’t want to keep making the same mistakes; getting close to people and in the end, learning it’s just a waste of time and loyalty.

Thankfully, I have sisters at school that genuinely care for me. It’s okay to have associates, but I just don’t use the word friend so loosely anymore.

I’d rather spend my time with people who I know will be there, rather than look for someone who could possibly be a rerun from my previous so-called friendships.

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