Open Adoption

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Emma Newman

People who are adopted aren’t always open about it. But I am.

I’m adopted transracially – my dad is Caucasian, my mom is Chinese like me. My parents made an effort to raise me close to my racial culture. We celebrate Chinese new year and I’ve visited Hong Kong many times. These efforts have allowed me to feel more comfortable with my racial identity.

But when i’m out with both of my parents, people don’t think I’m Chinese. They assume I’m half white, my parent’s biological child. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just not me.

Who I am, is fully Chinese and adopted.

My parents have always been open with me about my adoption, which makes it easier for me to embrace it.

So when you meet me, don’t be surprised if my birth story is the first thing I share because staying true to myself is more important than dealing with people’s assumptions.

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