On Our Radar: Cars, Love and Syrian Schools

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  1. Schools In Syria Struggle

Syria has been home to a bloody civil war since 2012. One report says that over 10% of its pre-war population has been killed or injured during the fighting. Over the weekend, a hospital and school were reportedly attacked. Unfortunately, this isn’t new, with sources saying  that over 30 schools have been attacked since the conflict started. Schools around the world face issues with funding or low attendance, but the threat of air strikes is a totally different beast.


 2. The 2016 Lillehammer Winter Youth Olympics

Over the weekend, the 2016 Lillehammer Winter Youth Olympics started off in spectacular fashion with a torch lighting ceremony. Much of the action taking place in Norway will be documented under the hashtag #ILoveYOG. Photos from that hashtag will be compiled to create the largest Instagram photo mosaic in the history of these games. International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach says the Youth Olympics are all about “bringing young athletes together all around the world to enjoy competition and friendship.” He should’ve added a note about taking selfies too.


 3. How One Young Singer Overcame Stage Fright

Youth Radio’s Salim Boykin recently penned a perspective about developing a love for his talent so deep that it allowed him to overcome stage fright. And now, his fans love him for doing so. Boykin says that being vulnerable is the key to his success. It’s what allows the audience to connect with him.


 4. An Anti-Gay Group Tries To Ruin An LGBTQI Event, It Backfires

Minus18, an Australian group that supports LBGTQI youth, planned a party that they called the “2016 Victorian Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal”. It’s reported that an anti-gay group , The Stop Safe Schools Coalition, tried to crash the party by getting people to buy out all of the non-refundable tickets. The group created a Facebook post in which it said, “The more tickets sold to us, the more we can protect our youth.” Well, social media got a hold of the story, and donors rallied around the world to buy tickets to ensure young people would be able to attend the event.


 5. Tesla Electric Car For Kids

On Tuesday, the electric car company Tesla Motors teamed up with Radio Flyer, known for its legendary red wagon, to release an electric car for kids! The vehicle starts at just under $500 dollars and can hit a blazing 6 mph, but parents can cut that down to just three mph. Parents are no fun at all.


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