Moving Out Harder Than Expected

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moving out

When I imagined being a young adult, I pictured myself living alone, paying my own bills, and being pretty self sufficient. But at 19, my dream couldn’t be any further from reality.

I usually stay in my room when I’m at home. It’s easy to forget it isn’t my own apartment, until my dad knocks on my door with chores for me. That’s when I remember: after a year of searching and saving, I still can’t afford to move out.

I keep in mind that rooming with him is a way to be responsible financially and emotionally. I’m able to regularly set aside money with a future deposit in mind. And my dad is always there to encourage me when I’m stressed out.

Even with the comfort my dad provides, I can’t help but feel embarrassed to still live with him. I’m grateful he lets me stay at his house, rent free. It gives me more time to find a higher-wage job and more freedom to focus on my education. Still, with my dad as my roommate, it doesn’t matter how old I am. I’ll feel like a kid no matter what.

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