Growing Up Without A Father

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Father & Daughter

I know who my father is but it’s been hard to cope with him not being in my life.

When I was little, my dad was in and out of my life. Sometimes he’d be gone for months at a time. But, I never stopped hoping he’d stick around to be a father.

Recently I was getting ready for a family trip. Before we left, my cousin’s dad took her shopping. When she returned later with bags full of clothes, I was jealous. Not because she had new things, but because she had a dad that considered her needs. I wish I had that.

Sometimes I imagine what it will be like to have a dad — would he be overprotective or would he let me get away with things? To be honest, I even want a dad who comes with the all annoying stuff, like asking hecka questions before he lets his little girl do anything.

But after 16 years of waiting for my dad to step up, I’m tired. I may have missed out from having a father, but I know he missed out even more.

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