Fans Can Change NFL’s Behavior

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Growing up, the NFL was a key part of my life. Now I can’t even bring myself to watch on opening week.

Monday, security camera footage became public of Ray Rice knocking his then fiance, now wife, unconscious in an Atlantic City elevator. Watching that deed is horrifying. Then watching NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claim the league had never seen the video when strong evidence points to the contrary, is perhaps the most symbolic example of why I don’t plan on watching an NFL game anytime soon.

It’s just one of a growing number of problems surrounding the league, from concussions and bullying to domestic violence, victim blaming and beyond. The NFL operates with a model of self-preservation above all else — kind of like a lot of corporations I know. Yet somehow the league is still registered as a non-profit, with the tax breaks to prove it.

Football is a game I loved to play and watch, but I am unable to watch the NFL without feeling like I am contributing the problem, because as long as we watch, things won’t get better.


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