Eager For Some Super Bowl

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super bowl city

This year the Super Bowl is happening in my backyard and I couldn’t be more excited.

Ever since it was announced that San Francisco would hold Super Bowl 50, I’ve been counting the days until the big games.

To me football fandom is about memories, like the 49ers 2012 Super Bowl. My family went on a road trip to Oregon so we could watch the game with the rest of our relatives. Now, I don’t have to go on a road trip. With the Super Bowl just an hour away from my house, for the first time it seems like the experience is coming to me.

Even though I won’t get to experience the dream of being in the stadium for game day, I still get the opportunity to have a one of a kind Super Bowl experience. I know I’m going to spend a day in Super Bowl City, with other football fans from all over the country. And even though we root for different teams most of the year, we get to come together to celebrate football. Because for football fans, the game is a religion, and this is our holy day.

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