Competitive Ballroom Teens Make Tough Choices

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How much hard work and dedication does it take to become an international dancer? Fifteen-year-old Egor moved from his home in China to Denmark, to partner up with 14-year-old Mie, and train for international ballroom competitions. Katrine Philps’s documentary “Dance For Me” chronicles their partnership, and airs  for the first time in the U.S. tonight on PBS.

The documentary shows how Mie and Egor form a personal bond, in order to work as a team on the dance floor. “If there is no chemistry then how can the dance be there?” asks Mie. Throughout the documentary the dancersrealize that they want to be remembered for their contribution to dance.

As high school students, Mie and Egor struggle to maintain a balance between school and dance. Their schedules have to be flexible in order to attend out-of-the country competitions.

While watching the documentary, I was struck by how well these two teenagers controlled their emotions during stressful situations. It was impressive how much they sacrificed for their dream.

I noticed how well Mie and Egor work together offstage and on stage. But over time, Mie decides she needs a change in her life to keep improving.

Youth Radio had a chance to speak with Mie via Skype. Check out an excerpt of our interview below.

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