#5DollarChallenge is ON!

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It’s not easy to find great cheap food, but we know it’s out there, and we need you to help us find it. Send a photo (via Twitter or Instagram) of your favorite $5 meal. Be sure to tell us:

  • What it is – describe your meal
  • Add Location or Restaurant
  • How much you paid for it
  • Tag #5dollarchallenge
  • Mention @youthradio

Extra points for striking photos, clever captions, and best-kept secrets (we already know where to find a burger for $3.99). No screen-shots! We want your original photo of the actual meal.

Here’s an example:
Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.42.35 PM

We’ll feature the best pics on a map filled with $5 meals from all over the US. The $5 challenge is on–and you can be a part of it!
This project is part of a series co-produced by Youth Radio and NPR, where we investigate the current state of American fast food. A team of young people at Youth Radio is collaborating with our partners at UC Berkeley’s Local Ground project to create the map. Tune into NPR starting May 3rd to hear our series, Fast Food Scramble, on All Things Considered.

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