Understanding My Body Language

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When you are texting, you can roll your eyes and have all the attitude you want, because no one can see you. But what happens when you’re not behind a screen?

After a parent-teacher conference with my least favorite teacher, my mom told me to say thank you. So I mustered up my  most sarcastic-fake thank you.

After the meeting I got a huge lecture from my mom about what my body language looks like to others. The person she described did not sound anything like me.  She said I slouched in my chair and didn’t make any eye contact.

My mom said that if I wanted to ask my teacher about a grade in the future or get help, he wouldn’t want to deal with me. And if she were going to hire someone and they looked like I did in the meeting, she wouldn’t hire them.

It’s still hard to keep the anger from showing on my face when I feel mistreated by someone. But I want to learn how to control those emotions. I don’t want people to see me as that girl with the attitude problem.


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