“I Gotta Go To Work” Video Goes Viral

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The rock group Gossip, produced a hit new music video to the song, “Get a Job” that got over 500,000 views on YouTube in less than a week. The song is all about the importance of finding and keeping a job.

The video starts off displaying job ads in the newspaper coming to life. The band is dressed as fast food workers, masseuses, carpet cleaners, and pretty much any other job you can think of. The catchy refrain at the beginning of the song is, “I’d love to stay and party but I gotta go to work.”

The inspiration for the song came from the band’s frustration with the rich kids they knew growing up who spent their parents’ money on partying and getting their hair done, while the band members worked hard to make their own money.

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Beth Ditto, the lead singer of the band, listed some of her former jobs which are similar to the jobs in the music video ads:
Bud’s Discount Warehouse
Wal Mart
Puff’s $12 Zoo
Sonic Burgers
Western Sizzlin’
A&W Hot Dogs
King’s Den Hair Dressers
Metro Clothing
Mrs. Powell’s Cinnamon Rolls
Tee’s Me
Coffee People
Black Cat Coffeehouse
Sharif’s Coffee
I ran a hair salon out of my house

The overall message I got after watching the entertaining video is — no job is a bad job. And don’t be embarrassed about your job, as long as it’s bringing in money. That’s a great lesson I will keep in mind while me and my friends continue looking for jobs.

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