Youth-Made Civics App Puts Facts Back Into Politics

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This has been one wild presidential election season, right? In the midst of all the madness, one thing can sometimes get lost. And it’s a big thing: FACTS.

How much do you really know about the electoral process and how it relates to the issues you care most about? Find out by playing Run 4 Prez. It’s a game entirely designed and developed by a team of young people at Youth Radio Interactive.

Run 4 Prez is a race-style game where you compete against an opponent to see who gets to the White House first. Get your electoral facts wrong, and your campaign will be left in the dust. Get your facts right, and you’ll out-run your competitor for the win!

This version of the game focuses on the electoral process, the youth vote, and some important misconceptions from presidential election history. It works on all android devices and is available via the Google Play store. Stay tuned for updates.

Download the app now here.

The young people who are a part of Youth Radio Interactive (YRI)–a collaboration with MIT and UC Berkeley–use coding, data-driven storytelling, and design to create online and mobile projects that engage communities in conversation about today’s most pressing issues.

Let us know if you have ideas for questions we should add to the game, or any other feedback:

~ The Youth Radio Interactive Team ~
Nicolas Lai
Charlie Stuip
Isaiah Richardson
Storm White
Desmond Meagley
Asha Richardson
Lissa Soep
Teresa Chin
Amber Ly

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