In Their Own Words: Beyond The Binary

In Their Own Words is a project that explores non-binary identity from the inside, featuring authentic conversations between non-binary individuals about important areas of their lives.

The original vision for this project came from Youth Radio producer Desmond Meagley’s desire to tell their story and others “in their own words.” As a first step, Desmond sat down with three other non-binary young people for one-hour audio interviews that touched on various areas of their lives and identities. From these interviews, four themes emerged — coming out, presentation, love/dating, and race. Working with our production team, Desmond pulled highlights from those conversations and asked each contributor to elaborate on their personal experience by writing a short essay, which you can access by clicking on each individual’s photo.

In Their Own Words focuses on the perspectives of four young, non-binary individuals. It is not meant to represent the views or experiences of all non-binary people. In Their Own Words was produced by outLoud, a project of Youth Radio that amplifies the voices of LGBTQ+ young people.

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