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For teens like me, breakups are rough. Even…when they involve people, we’ve never actually met.

You may not know it, but there’s a whole sector of the internet where queer girls document their lives on YouTube. That sector is so large that it includes everything from lesbians doing challenges to making coming out songs. This…is lesbian YouTube.

Recently, some of the most beloved couples of this world have split up. The reaction from fans, like me, has been heavy.

When the news hit, I cried in my room for hours. It seems dramatic. But, as a young queer girl, I see so little representation of people who love like me. YouTubers who become visible on their own terms are all we have. I watched these girls share their coming out stories when I was nervous about coming out myself. I watched them when I needed hope that I wasn’t alone, dreaming that I could have pride one day too.

It’s heart breaking when these couples break up. But, If it means I’ll be seeing more queer couples in the public eye, then I’m willing to get my heart broken again.


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