Banking For The Future

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FamilyBy Joey G.

Growing up, I’ve been told that I should have children so that they can take care of me once I’m older. It’s a tradition in my family for the young people to take care of the older generations. My mother also tells me that it’s nice to have kids because then you won’t be alone.

Recently, these discussions have been popping up in my thoughts. As a transgender male, my family and I feel like I’m giving up my chance of ever having kids. While I have moments where I get annoyed by kids, I would really love to have my own little Joeys running around. And now it seems possible for me to have my own biological kids.

Last week, 18-year old East Bay transman, Cole Carman, has decided to get his eggs frozen and stored.  Yahoo Parenting posted an article explaining the procedure. NBC Bay Area also posted an article on Carman from a different perspective. While this article does misgender Carman, (using “she” and “her” when Carmen identifies as male),  it does provide more information of Carman’s transition as well as his reasoning for banking his eggs.

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