Sending Messages: Voices From Juvenile Detention

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As many stories as there are about juvenile detention centers, it’s rare to actually hear from the young people who currently live in them. “Sending Messages,” a podcast produced by Spy Hop, is changing that. Since 2012, Spy Hop has worked with youth in secure-care facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah to create half-an-hour-long shows on themes ranging from loyalty to childhood. Each episode is a variety of interviews, stories, and poetry. We’ve posted one of their episodes titled, “When I Get Out,” below.

Each of us at Sending Messages plan, hope, and dream of one day. The day we get out. Getting a chance to experience freedom once more, to see our families, and hear those doors slam behind us. But it isn’t that simple. Once paroled, each of us face new challenges, new obstacles and expectations. How often is the dream we wish to obtain also the most frightening way to fail? In this episode, we try to tackle what that means. What are the hopes, dreams, and fears when we get out?

To find out more, listen below or check out the Sending Messages website.

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