A Face to Face With Trans Teen Advocate Gavin Grimm

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As it turns out, dealing with a nationally watched court case doesn’t mean you get to escape the normal stresses of being a teenager.

This week, Youth Radio’s outLoud reporter Desmond Meagley sat down with Gavin Grimm, 17, a transgender teen from Virginia who is fighting to use the high school bathroom that corresponds with his gender identity. Recently, the Supreme Court announced they would not decide Grimm’s case, sending the case back to a lower court of appeals. Previously, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled in Grimm’s favor, citing the Obama administration’s school bathroom/gender guidelines, which the Trump administration has since rescinded.

Grimm says it’s been a busy time in his life dealing with the court case and its latest twists and turns. But, according to Grimm, the most recent stressor in his life… was college applications.

“It was probably the most stressful three days of my life,” Grimm said, referring to the time he spent completing his common core application.

We hear you, Gavin.

For a face to face conversation between Gavin and Desmond (which touched on bravery, teasing, and why it’s kind of awesome to put on make up in the men’s room) check out our video above.

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