I Can’t Let Go Of The SAT

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I know I amount to more than a College Board test score. So why can’t I stop taking the SAT?

This October will be my fourth encounter with the SAT. Thousands of dollars and many gnawed off nails have only boosted my score 20 points each time. I even tried going into the most recent test cold turkey because I thought “over-studying” was the problem.

The worst part? I can ace AP Calculus but miss a level three SAT problem every single time. I assumed being able to earn strong grades in hard classes indicated intelligence, but a low score from this seemingly straightforward test made me question that notion.

My peers tell me not to subject myself to more torture. But I’ve never let myself settle for anything less than I think I am capable of. Though I don’t want to finance the College Board by taking another test, this challenge is no exception.

We all know severing ties with a project you’ve invested deeply in takes time. Abandoning the SAT before I reach my desired score would be like running a marathon, and stopping at the 25th mile.


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