Choosing an Art Major Over My Parents’ Wishes

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Images illustrated by Stella Lau

I’m a high school senior preparing for college. When my dad asks me about my plans, I dread telling him I want to study art. I already know the reaction I am going to get.

My dad was recently driving me to school when we started arguing about my future. “No, no no!” he said. “People who major in art aren’t well educated and won’t make enough money. Why don’t you major in computer science like your cousins?”

Now I understand where his worries are coming from. I’m going against my family’s expectations. They’re worried that I won’t be able to be financially secure. And, art isn’t as valued in my family as STEM majors.

But, while this might all be true, I’m passionate and driven when it comes to art. I’ve spend hours painting and drawing on my own. I even have my own online gallery.

I know I might come off as delusional or stubborn, but I am confident I can make it as an artist. My family might not support it, but they’re going to have to deal with it. And at least I am being true to myself.

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