Looking Back: 6 Artists At FEELS That Kept Us Dancing All Night Long

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It seems as though Feels 6 was just a month ago. Feels 6 was an immersive experience that perfectly combined art music and film. The Richmond housed festival gave us an eclectic blend of musical acts from the likes of Yves Tumor to Bbymutha. Here are some of the acts kept us dancing all night long at FEELS 6.


Photo by All Day Play

ALLBLACK doesn’t perform often and when he does, it’s sure to be one for the books. ALLBLACK warmed up the crowd with some slaps from No Shame 2, the project that catapulted him into the ranks of bay area stardom. It was then when he surprised the crowd with a performance from Offset Jim, a frequent collaborator and friend. In usual ALLBLACK fashion, he closed out with “Canadian Goose” his biggest hit so far, the crowd sang the lyrics with so much confidence. It was pretty wild to see live and direct.


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Youth Radio alumni Siri brought the vibes all night long, the young Oakland native delivered an electric performance that left the crowd in a daze. Siri style is undefinable yet familiar, she blends singing and rapping into an unorthodox style that is uniquely her own. This is one of the many reasons why she was one of our favorites!


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Kesh brought an ethereal vibe to Feels 6. As a U.K artist, she definitely gives that edgy style but with an angelic twist. With those aspects, she ended up giving a sweet performance. Her compelling graphics and smooth voice were really intriguing to the Feels audience. Kesh overall was really a nice person and had a welcoming aura.


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Spellling delivered an emotional and captivating performance with soft vocals and time warping sounds. With her eyes and closed and swinging to the music, Spellling cast a spell on her audience. Her psychic flow seamlessly waved through the air, adding musical layers to the ears of FEELS.


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Queens’ appearance opened part two of the night – with dazzling visual projections and her whole squad lining the stage. Her performance was collaborative and lively as if her set was a fresh piece of artwork unfolding before the audience’s eyes. The Oakland MC brought spirituality and duality to her rap performance, leaving the room both hyped and delighted.



Photo by All Day Play

Berkeley’s own Rexx Life Raj graced the FEELS stage for the first time. Rexxlife Raj serenaded the crowd with silky harmonies, playful raps, and infectious choruses, it was amazing to see it live and direct. Raj closed out his performance by hopping into the crowd a creating a moshpit for his hit single “Moxie Java”. FEELS 6 was all the better for it.

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