Being In Foster Care Made Me Stronger

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Foster care made me realize that I am truly something special.

All I hear is how the foster care system  isn’t a safe place and that foster parents only take on kids for the money. But that’s not always the case.

It’s not always  like what you see in movies. Like in Annie, where a young girl lives in a orphanage, she sleeps on dirty cots and is forced to clean and constantly trying to escape.

I was around 5 or 6 when I was put into foster care. It was like I always dreamed. A mom who dressed me in cute clothes and took me shopping. Someone I could talk to without fear of being punished.

My mom made me feel welcome from the moment I walked into her house. For the first time, I felt safe and cared for by a mother.

Foster care can be a safe place where kids and young adults can go and find their peace of mind and get a chance at a better life.

Although the system has it faults, I’m actually happy I was put into foster care, because all-in-all, it made me a stronger person.

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