RYL Peer Review- Shy’An G, “If You Looked”

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Shy’An G- If You Looked  


OMG!! This song is just amazing, and I loooove the beginning!!! You sound very passionate and sure about what you’re saying. I also like how you have a big vocabulary. You literally lose me in the song as im listening. I get so tangled into what you’re rapping about. It’s all so true and really reminds me of what people go through every day. It sounds like you enjoy what you do, and you really appreciate music. Everything you’re saying you sound like you mean, and you won’t let anybody’s opinion stop you from doing what you love. Knowing you personally makes me think that criticism motivates you if anything. And honestly, you have to have that type of mindset, being young in Oakland making music. You have a lot of haters out here trying to stop your shine, so being confident in what you do makes them even more upset. You sound very motivated and strong, in everything you do, you seem very confident in yourself. Doing this really motivates other young women to do their thang and be who they are. Im glad that you are one of the young women motivating other young women. Your words stick to me like GLUE! And I bet if any other young woman like me listens to any of your songs, they would feel the exact same way that I do about your music. Your music is really exciting and I love the beat by the way.


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