Remix Your Life Poetry Month: “Everything Else”

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“Everything Else” is a short verse written and performed by Shy’An G that reflects her experience of growing up in low-privileged neighborhoods and how her thought process has changed over the years.

“Everything Else” (Excerpt)

Coming from a senseless solution

Full of many problems with the same conclusions

and all is tied to the central,

which makes your first baby step the grimiest

and the twelfth month the mightiest.

Inside of this reformed fossil

No telling when an archeologist

will have the ability to identify it.

While ice is spread amongst the creases of the sidewalks.

Salt — that’s the core

covered the kid drawing in chalk.

Fast forward to it, as expectations

grew among metal, then they called me fake swag nation

more bullets stuck in my thoracic

every step of my cadence

I told them, check my mere presence

because it reps my penance.


For the full poem, which was adapted into the second track of Shy’an G’s album “Fragile Branches,” listen here:


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