RYL Artist Profile “DJ Imperial”

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DJ Imperial


DJ Imperial has been all about the music ever since she can remember. He very first memories are of her mother playing R&B tunes to put her to sleep at age 5, and since then her entire life has been accompanied by a soulful soundtrack. It is no surprise then that DJ Imperial displays a strong knowledge of classic American dance music, from Motown to Hip-Hop. But she is by no means just about the classics. DJ Imperial takes pride in her eclectic taste and her strong knowledge of emerging dance music genres. Her experience spinning tunes at many Youth Radio events in Oakland CA has been essential in molding her diverse selection, and at only 20 years old DJ Imperial is poised to jump in the rotation at Bay Area nightclubs, festivals, Art Exhibits, etc. and move forward with the music she plays and with the crowds she motivates.


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