RYL Artist Profile – DJ Seef EC

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DJ Seef EC first became aware of what a DJ is in middle school, at an after school program where they were teaching Hip-Hop classes. They were teaching the earlier stages of Hip-Hop when there was just an MC with a Microphone and a DJ mixing the beats off of records. Seef wanted to become a DJ because he liked the idea of controlling the crowd by playing his favorite music. He went on to say that there is nothing like the feeling of getting a crowd excited and seeing that they are really feeling you as a DJ. Seef says that if he had to pick one difficult thing about DJing, it would be doing an event where people wanted him to play music that he didn’t like. Other DJs that Seef respects are Skrillex, Alchemist, and DJ FUZE.  He knows many different other DJ’s but thats the few that inspire him at this time. DJ Seef said that even though he specializes in Hip-Hop music, he would like to focus on playing many different genres of music and to be versatile. We asked Seef one last question; “If you had to wear a costume on stage when DJing, what would it be?” He said he would dress up as Gambit from X-Men because, “Career wise, that is my alias. I feel like we share a certain personality and a few characteristics.”

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