YRI Interns Test Mood Ring

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Youth Radio Interactive has been working on a new project called Mood Ring, a mobile app that allows young people to track and document their feelings using emojis.

YRI interns develop their testing skills by examining and experimenting with Mood Ring, and organizing feedback on a whiteboard.

Collectively observing and testing Mood Ring highlights the importance of finding and resolving any errors or malfunctions. In addition, YRI interns’ fresh eyes bring forth different approaches and potential angles that give us ideas for enhancing the app.

The young people’s observations and opinions were divided into four sections: Likes, Deltas, Questions and Suggestions. Comments ranged from “how many quotes are in the app?” to “add sound effects,” “the display of emotions are too simple” and “nice design in the beginning of app.” The YRI interns were honest and direct with their feedback, pushing for improvements prior to Mood Ring’s launch later this year.

YRI Mood Ring App (Beta)

testing yri interns
Interactive interns organizing feedback and bugs

YRI Mood Ring App (Beta)

Being part of the testing process that’s a necessary step in creating new apps is relevant to my college education, social circles, and future career. While the world is subjected to an ever-spinning wheel of new technology, the demand for trained innovators increases, especially in the Bay Area.

As a future activist and political leader, understanding the digital world and its languages has tremendous value for me, communities of color, and evolving society. Learning about user and market research, rapid ideation, web design and coding, enhances my professional development for the work world, while building my understanding of how technology continues to shape our current world.

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