Mozilla’s Ben Moskowitz Explains Open Source

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We were fortunate enough to have Ben Moskowitz from Mozilla come to visit our headquarters here at Youth Radio. He dropped knowledge on Mozilla’s mission to make the web “open” and to turn us all into webmakers.

One of Mozilla’s newest projects is Popcorn Maker. It’s an open-source tool that transforms video by making it a platform for interactive storytelling. Here Ben explains what Popcorn Maker can do.

To really understand what this means for video, we took some time to discuss the ins and outs of open source: what it means to be an open source developer and how that differs from the traditional way of releasing software.

We will be using Ben’s tips as we develop more open source apps in our App Lab.

In addition to creating tools themselves, the crew over at Mozilla has joined up with the National Science Foundation (disclosure: an App Lab funder) to create opportunities for anyone who’s interested to pitch ideas for how to use the internet to revolutionize society. We joined one of their “Idea Jams” last month. It was cool to be in a space with lots of creative people who have a common goal: to come up with an app that will make the world better.

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