I Am Youth Radio: Stoney’s Creative Life

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Our series highlighting the producers and artists who put the youth in Youth Radio.


Name: Stoney Creation

Title: Production Assistant for All Day Play (Social Media and Graphic Design)

Age: 19

How’d You Learn About Youth Radio?

My mom’s friend was a DJ here for All Day Play. His name’s Milan. He told my mom about it, how there were so many youth learning so many different things like different arts, multimedia and producing. I was already getting into my groove of creating. Like I was figuring out what was my best strong suits in terms of art, and I’ve always been a renaissance artist but my main was singing and rapping. So when I found out about Youth Radio I was like “Oh wow, I can make my skills more great.” Just learn more things and broaden my horizon.


How long have you been at Youth Radio?

Since I was 14, so it’s been about…five years.


What’s your biggest project at Youth Radio so far?

Right now our biggest project is doing the lyric videos for the [upcoming] mixtape. We’re learning After Effects simultaneously while we’re doing it. So it’s been kind of a challenge to learn how everything works. It’s really tedious, honestly, because we have to break all the layers up, put them in, make them how we want ‘em. Make ‘em bigger. Learning the cameras in After Effects. It’s just just so much stuff. It’s definitely challenging but it’s super fun because it’s going to make us great at it. [Check out our previous mixtape.]


Name an artist that’s inspiring you.

IAMDDB is a new artist that I’ve been listening to. I think she’s from London. She’s a black British artist that’s super, super dope. She raps. She sings. My friend told me about her. She said “I think you’ll love her, she’s almost got the same style as you.” Then I found out her birthday is like the day after mine. I was like, “Oh, snap, no wonder.” It’s super trippy. She’s like super focused. It’s hella inspiring to see that, it motivates me. Even though times get kinda rough and hard. Just keep going.


What do you think of social media?

It’s a dope resource to have in terms of being an artist, but you’ve just got to be smart and you’ve got to move smart on it and know yourself. Because if you don’t know yourself while having a platform like that, you can get lost.


What’s some advice you’d give to aspiring artists?

It’s about self-expression…You’re doing this for you and you’re doing this to show people what it is to be yourself.


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