Fishy News in Your Feed? Don’t Get Faked!

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Did you hear the one about how there’s a platoon of Super Soldiers ready to steal the Golden Gate Bridge? Or how iPhones are all connected to Mark Zuckerberg’s personal laptop?

Don’t worry, you will! Because the internet has no shortage of fake news. For instance: we just learned from The New York Times that 126 million people saw posts on Facebook that originated from Russian-backed accounts “intending to sow discord among American citizens.” That’s some legit news about fake news: and you can bet that more is on the way.

Facebook and other social media sites let anyone become their own news network. But not everyone can separate fact from fiction. And that can have dire consequences — not just for your news knowledge, but for our democracy.

That’s why Youth Radio built Don’t Get Faked — the latest tool from our Youth Radio Interactive coders. This quick quiz will test your B.S. detection skills and show you if you’ve got a nose for fake news. And it has a bunch of resources to help you become an even sharper news sleuth.

So take the quiz, face off with your friends, and help make the internet a safer place for the truth.

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