YG My Krazy Life

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13922773893_ddc1804d67_b-2 Yg’s newest album My Krazy Life is said to be the best album of the year. Yg has a wide range of topics from his at home relationship with his mom to hittin licks to how he like to see it done at the club. He told the press in an interview, style wise, he was aiming to mimic Snoop Dog’s album Doggy Style. Yg is probably one of the most notorious west coast gangsta rappers. My Krazy Life might even change how you think about him to this day. In the album he explains why he does some of the things he does , for examples his addictions and habits. My Krazy Life is cool because it has a story to it. It starts off with the Mama Speech Intro, but then you actually get taken in to Yg’s life. You really get a taste of Yg’s life while listening to Meet The Flockers, Really Be, 1am and Sorry Mama. In Meet The Flockers you get a step-by-step process of how Yg use to “hit licks” or rob houses. In Really Be, he explains why he drinks so much and smokes so much; the reasons being, hate from critics and death to his n****s. In 1am, you’re taken on a ride to robbery where yg hits a lick with his supposedly called “n****” before he gets things switched on him and he is headed to jail.  In Sorry Mama, he is apologizing to his mom for all the bad things he has done like insults and stealing plus not supporting her when she was in a wheel chair and half blind. The new york times says “Yg has grown mightily as a rapper, and because D Mustard, who produced more than half of the album, has found a way to make his sketches theatrical without sacrificing their urgency.”. I don’t care what music you like, you could be young or old Yg is real in this album I would recommend you stop whatever you doing and go purchase this album now.

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