You Shouldn’t Shop at Macy’s

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Men Shopping for Clothing AccessoriesBy Anaisa

Macy’s is a clothing department that everyone and their mama has been to. If you go to Macy’s, you will find yourself browsing through clothes made for older women. The clothes selection is terrible, and the customer service is trash. More than 50 million shop at Macys every year. 10 million are women over the age of 40 according to

If you shop at Macy’s just make sure your clothes fit right and that you aren’t buying any weird things. I don’t know anyone who shops at Macy’s on a regular basis. The last time I went to Macy’s, I was with my grandma to exchange something she bought. The customer service was trash, the store had clothes everywhere on the floor, and there was food in the changing rooms, and it made the whole area smell disgusting.

Another time I went, a women was stealing and vandalizing items. She walked out the store and the alarms went off. I think the people who work at these kinds of department stores do not care.

This is all important to know the next time you shop there because anything can happen, and this is not an over-exaggeration. Also, their online store is notorious for scams. I looked at review and complaints they all were negative. In the store I have seen clothes that have been ripped and had stains on them. Many people I have spoken to have the same opinion. Moral of the story, don’t buy cheap clothes from Macy’s. They’re ugly and poor quality. You’d be better off shopping anywhere else.

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