What Career?

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My ideal job is one I love doing and live for; one that involves interacting with many people personally and through media. Although being 14, and worrying about a career seems a little too early, I believe it’s never too early to think about your future. In a way, your ideal job is your dreams and goals that you want to pursue and continue with, in your life because that’s your idea of your future. My mom and eldest brother told me that it’s never too late or too early to determine one’s future. Because of them, I understood the concept of a career and was able to put the definition in my own words.

Many parents, besides mine, would not encourage their child to think so much about their future, especially at such a young age. But when the child wants to start thinking about their future, 70-80% of people say it’s up to the parents to know how to support their decisions on what they want to do. Researchers for Career Exploration For Teens say that the appropriate age to start thinking about future goals is around 16-17 years old.

Determining one’s future is very important and it’s never inappropriate to discuss the topic at any age. Even though it could get stressful, talking about it could make it easier for someone when they really do have to start looking for a career that best suits them.


  • What are your future goals, and how does your career reflect that?
  • What age do you think you should start planning your future? And why?
  • What role does having a career play in your life?
  • How does dreaming of a career before college benefit a person?
  • What is the difference between a job a career?
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