‘Westfield Mall’ Benefits Wardrobes

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Westfield Mall By Iriyana

Westfield in San Francisco is a big mall inside of a tall building. Sometimes the mall is always crowded and I don’t like the fact that it’s crowded because sometimes it irritates me. This is a very diverse mall. The stores there are very nice. The stores I like the most are Victoria Secret, H&M, and Champs.

I like how the mall is big.  It has a lot of different things you can buy. I also like those stores because it has clothes I like to wear. They don’t just sell clothes they sell other things too like shoes, earrings and other jewelry, and perfume and other smell goods. When I go to Westfield Mall those really the only three stores I like to go to. They have more clothes than the ones I usually go to near me. When I go to Westfield mall I like going to the first floor to the food courts. I like going to the food court because I am hungry and I wanted to eat. They have different food courts you can eat at. Like Panda Express, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, a sushi place, and Chipotle. After a long day you would want to go to the food court and go eat something because you are going to be hungry after shopping.

I don’t like how Westfield Mall is always crowded. When I go there for shoes it’s crowded. A lot of people go come when new shoes come out the mall be packed. When new shoes come out that everybody wants some news shoes it be long lines and most of all the shoe stores. When it’s like the first of the month or a special occasion or the holidays the food courts be crowded and it has long lines. At shoes stores some people have to get up early and come to the mall early because all the stores has long lines. Westfield Mall is very far from where I come from. So sometimes I have trouble traveling rather I on bart or somebody giving me a ride because when I get on bart a lot of people on bart or when somebody giving me ride traffic on the freeway and I don’t like crossing the bridge.

I recommend Westfield because you can have a lot of fun with your friends and family like I do.

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