Vote Yes on Prop 55

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Vote Yes on Prop 55


How would you feel if I told you Proposition 55 would force the 1% to pay taxes, and that money would go towards bettering schools? The most wealthy people in the world are big corporations like United Continental, American Airlines, and GM to pay taxes, and that money would go towards bettering schools.

I know that I can’t vote but, I do care about my school and I think that Prop 55 can help improve my school. Prop 55 would personally benefit my school because, we don’t have air conditioning.It’s hard to concentrate in a hot stuffy room’s. Prop 55 will also lower tuition. This is a huge benefit for me because I would like to go to college. If Prop 55 is not passed college tuition will be doubled in cost meaning that my family might not be able to afford it.

Proposition 55 protects public schools from major budget cuts, overcrowding in classes, and tuition spikes. Not only does Prop 55 protect schools, it also attacks the 1% and major corporations. It forces them to pay taxes without having to raise your taxes. The money that is made from the taxes will go directly to schools. If Prop 55 is not  passed then we will lose up to 4 billion dollars in taxes in the first year alone. People that don’t support Prop 55 argue that because we passed Prop 30 which increases personal income on the highest income by a certain amount  in 2012 which is supposed to be temporary and end in 2017 feel that we don’t need another tax increase that will extend another 12 years.

During the major budget cuts of 2010 more than 30,000 teachers were fired.  Student programs were cut off and classes became over crowded. California is just now starting to repair these cuts. If Prop 55 is not passed we will be back where we started. VOTE Yes on Prop 55!


















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