UNTOLD: To The Top Of The Unknown!

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This musical piece is a part of Lit Mag: The UNTOLD Issue.

What you are listening to is a beat I composed by using a production technique known as sampling. This beat reminds me of a person hanging out on a breezy but sunny day. The weather already showing an ominous feeling that demonstrates mystery and skepticism. It consists of a beginning that soothes the mind with its relaxing tempo. My beat uses an instrument in the software program Reason that’s called Classic House Groove.  I used this instrument to play a C major scale, which gives off the tone that says, “something else is going to happen that we don’t know”. It also uses the another instrument that slowly mesmerizes the mind because of the synths it uses. Basically, you are in your most tranquil mode.

I feel this beat relates to our theme because the concept of untold means it is in the area of the unknown and the mysterious effective surroundings it has created more mystery, similar to the meaning behind my beat. Being untold also means living in the silence and on your own. Sometimes, this can demonstrate negativity, but in this case, it means independence and strength while also having skepticism on the abnormal.

Lim Sung was born in Cambodia. She moved to America at the age of 4. Lim has moved around so many times that the scenery and environment she sees always changes. In a way, it helped her adapt easier since she got used to inconsistency. When she hit 5th grade, her life became much more artistic because she saw a whole different point of view from herself and from others. This caused her to have such a profound love for music and art. Lim believes her art expresses what she sees of something. Her art is what she hears, touches, smells and tastes. In other words, Lim believes that art is all around her. Her art is unique because it is her own. She uses art to express what the emotion inside her is. Lim uses art for the happiness of others. The motivation that encourages her to create art is wanting to see the smile others make and hear their laughs. Seeing others cheer up because of her art puts a smile on her face because it means she has made somewhat of a difference in someone’s life. When Lim creates art, she just uses the senses and emotions because to her that is real art; art that comes from the heart.

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