UNTOLD: Smoke and Mirrors

This musical composition is a part of Lit Mag: The UNTOLD Issue.

Smoke and Mirrors is a beat created by Robert Fisher for his contribution to the Lit Mag. He used a program called Reason to beat the content and has been using it since he was in the Core training program. This piece contains different varieties of instruments for your enjoyment. He’s hoping he can evoke emotion out of this piece of music because you are supposed to feel emotional. While creating his piece he was letting the out heartbreaking emotion he never shows. This contributes to the magazine perfectly because there are a lot of songs about break-ups, but the beat is about false love or hope. With the inspiration being based on past relationships he hopes the audience can enjoy.

Robert Fisher lives in San Lorenzo, California. For his personal project, he created a beat titled Smoke and Mirrors based off of past relationships he has had. The beat he made has a series of instruments with piano being the star of the piece. The story behind his project is someone who you think loves you but really doesn’t. He hopes with this beat he can connect with his audience and they can relate.





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