UNTOLD: Humming Bird Reinterpreted

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This musical composition is a part of Lit Mag: The UNTOLD Issue

This musical composition was created using the software program Reason. I created this by sampling a song from Maya Jane Coles. I want to put out a reinterpretation of a style of music that I feel a lot of my peers haven’t yet heard.  I hope to inspire people to write and make music because I feel that everyone needs to be heard, and music is a great way to get your story out to the world.

Janai Renee ( J’Renee) was born in Berkeley, California but raised in Richmond. She currently attends Envision Academy Of Arts and Technology. J’Renee creates music. The biggest motivation to her beat making is what she is exposed to and her emotions towards those things. J’Renee is mostly influenced by underground rappers in the Bay Area. Some people she looks up to artistically are Kehlani and Likybo. Her favorite music genre is hip hop because she feels like she can relate to it.  J’Renee is a powerful, talented and creative person. What she wants people to understand from her music is that it does not matter where you come from you can still be successful.


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