UNTOLD: A Nice Day On The Beach

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This musical composition is a part of Lit Mag: The UNTOLD Issue.

What you are listening to is my reinterpretation of Teena Marie’s Deja Vu . I choose to do this because I sensed that this song went with our Lit Mag theme.  In the beginning of the song she says “I’m young and I’m old I’m rich and I’m poor I feel like I’ve been on this earth many times before”. Deja vu means getting an overwhelming feeling that something has happened to you before though you may have never experienced it.  Many times stories go unheard because people feel like they have heard it before so they easily disregard it. Though many people have shared experiences, everyone’s story is unique and different. Being heard is what inspired me to do this. The tool that I used to produce this musical composition was the software computer program Reason.  It took me at least 3-4 days to complete. Challenges that I came across were making sure my drums and claps were at the same tempo as the song. I overcame this by determining the tempo of the song and matching it with the drums I sequenced in the Reason program.

Taylor Daniels was born in Oakland, California but raised in Richmond and goes to Skyline High School. What inspires her to create music is wanting to be heard. Her art means a lot to her because it justifies her and who she is. The kind of experience she is trying to create for her listeners is an unfiltered experience. She wants them to walk away feeling like they understand who Taylor is. She is currently participating in the Bridge Music program at Youth Radio. Taylor hopes to either become a doctor or a music producer in the future.

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