Trust Issues Within Your City

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By Elsi

Living in Oakland is really risky.  I’m from the east and let me tell you things out here can get really out of pocket. I remember waiting for the 1r on 34th & International, it was around 4pm, and couldn’t wait til I got home. I really don’t like waiting at that particular spot for the simple fact that there are a lot of guys eyeballing you and trying to talk to you. If you’re a girl you know how unsafe that can make you feel, unless you like that kind of attention.

Anyway, I was waiting for the bus and some guy kept looking at me from head to toe, I didn’t really think of it as much so I just brushed it off my shoulders. The bus came and I hopped in… the guy sat about 6 seats away from me and I was standing up, so he had a clear view of me. I was listening to music and I realized I was getting near my destination so I took my phone out of my back pocket to pause the music and then I put it back.

I got off the bus on seminary and so did the guy. I live about three blocks up from there so I figured I’d just walk fast. I let my guard down and as I reached my block the guy reached for my back pocket where my phone was and took it. I froze and didn’t know what exactly to do.I was so mad! I started tearing up and I remember just telling myself how stupid I was for putting my phone there.

I frustrated me to know that I worked so hard to buy myself an iPhone 5 and someone who didn’t even do anything good for it had it now. Ever since then I have been really paranoid about where I place things and walking by myself. Overall, I am glad that happened because it made me appreciate things more. It made me realize how fortunate I was to even be alive. What if he had a gun on him? What if he tried to hurt me? Now more than ever I am cautious with my surroundings.

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