The Trip To Google Headquarters

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While I was in middle school, my classmates and I went on an amazing field trip to Google headquarters. During the weekend, we took a tour around Google headquarters and we had explored inside the buildings where other people work. The headquarters looked beautiful because there were many modern buildings, there were bikes around Google, and there were trees to help keep us cool from the shade.

We met with employees who talked about the history of Google, and other information about how their technology is used with their search engine, Gmail, Google Maps, and many other exciting programs that were in progress. They have a huge cafeteria where we hangout and talk about Google is an incredible jobs to apply for. Google HQ is located in Mountain View, California and was founded in 1998. They had created the famous Google search engine which is one of the most popular search engine in the world. Overtime, they had created programs such as Google Drive, Google Chrome, and Youtube. They had also invented devices such as Chromebooks and Android phones that I own and use everyday. Google had continuously create many inventions that helps people communicate across the world. We use Google everyday to find new information we don’t know about. We use it to complete our schoolwork and to organize tasks we need to do. Google had created so much technology that many people use daily to make our lives a lot easier. Technology continues to grow rapidly and because of this field trip, it gave me more inspiration of becoming an engineer.

During this field trip, this was the first time that I met with an engineer. I often read news articles about technology and science in the world, and it makes me curious of how they are able to make their device work. It continued to inspire me to be an engineer because I want to learn more about the technology behind the devices that we use everyday. I want to impact the world by discovering new ways to use less energy in the world. I want to invent energy-efficient products to prevent more carbon dioxide into the air that increases our earth’s temperature and makes pollution in our environment. I want to be involved in changing people’s lives for the better.

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