The New iPhone 5s

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iPhone 5S

By Kensha

The new iPhone was released in September of 2013. Everyone was talking about the new product of Apple and it caught my interest. I also needed a new phone since my old one broke. I purchased my iPhone in about January of 2014. The black 5s caught my eye and I was so excited to have this new phone everyone claimed would be great. I also wanted to see if all the talk about it was true. For about the first week I spent all day on my phone setting it up, buying apps, and taking pictures. In my hand there was so much for me to do and it seemed I was never bored. It also comes with a set of earphones that makes the music sound beautiful. The upgrade from the iPhone 5 called the “Touch Id” fingerprint sensor makes it easier to unlock your phone if you forget your password often. The camera quality, slo-mo video and panorama feature adds extra and makes the iPhone 5s amazing. There is also more storage and a new ios7 format on the new iPhone.  Also when using the iPhone 5s on wifi improves the speed of the internet which makes using the phone more enjoyable. In my opinion it’s one of the best phones on the market. Even though the new iPhone 5s is a great phone it has a few flaws. For example the screen is about the same size as the regular iPhone 5 so that’s not much of an upgrade. Sometimes the iMessage feature that allows fellow iPhones to communicate doesn’t work and there’s lagging while texting. There’s also times the mobile hotspot feature that allows the data from my iPhone to be used on a tablet or laptop doesn’t want to cooperate. The iPhone has so many things to play and mess around with the battery seems to die quickly. However no matter what I go through I’ll always love my iPhone and no other phone comes in comparison.

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