The Life Changing Book!

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By Meaghan

High school is frightening in more ways than one. One of the most intimidating parts of high school, in my opinion, is the idea that as students and children, we are simply obeying and listening to our authorities, parents, and teachers. We often identify with different groups, religions, and alliances without getting a taste of alternate options. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of the endless choices before us, because the people who raised us and taught us all our lives imposed their own views on us rather than let us investigate and dabble in everything before identifying ourselves with a label. I recently began reading Genesis, also known as the old testament of The Bible, in my 11th grade English class. Catholicism has been my sole religious option for 16 years, and as a confirmed member of the Catholic Church, I feel obligated to abide by the beliefs of the religion. After reading and analyzing genesis, however, I found myself questioning my identity as a member of the church. I never even thought religion was more than a weekly chore, but as i get older i find that it plays an increasingly large role in my everyday life. Yet as it becomes more prevalent in my life, I begin to doubt and question it more often. After realizing that one book could change so many of my own views, I began to contemplate all the different labels I have given myself over the past 16 years. As exciting as all the different paths ahead of me are, they are equally dauntinIt can be subtle or extreme, and sometimes even unnoticeable. But as difficult as it is to re-exit your comfort zone and let yourself become vulnerable and undefined, it is a growing experience like no other. Each time we question, doubt, ponder or wonder, we evolve into the people we are meant to be. All in all, asking questions and challenging the ideas that are pre-engrained in our minds is crucial in our pursuit for our true identities.


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