The Journey To The Mall

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By Billy

It was summer. My best friend and I wanted to go to the mall. 2219686874_783c48d50b_oSo the journey began. Little did we realize the walk was thirteen miles.

As we got to the end of our hometown we reached the bridge connecting my town to the next. It was a couple miles long, it was over a hundred degrees outside and we had no water but we had skateboards. So we end up crossing this super long bridge and now were only one town away from the mall. But were lost and stuck at a crossroads. My phone keeps going off but I’m too busy to answer. Of course we go the wrong way. We’re going along this road, and I know deep down it’s leading nowhere, but I’m already so invested that I keep going. The street becomes a dirt path and I become hella mad. We finally see other humans and realize we’re in a dump. Literally. Some creepy dude in a truck offers us a ride, we say no, and then he suggests we just walk through miles of brown baron hills and we’ll probably make it. We have no other options so we take his advice.

We start climbing these hills and they feel like mountains. We get lost and I would call someone to pick us up, but we’re in the middle of nowhere and my phone has no signal. I feel like I’m in like lord of the rings or something. This trip became more than a trip, its a full on quest. Anyways we’re walking for what seems like forever until we realize the city is on the other side of a huge 8-lane freeway. We feel hopeless, but then find a railroad track that goes over the highway. So we cross it, hella scared, feeling like the boys in that movie “stand by me”. It was kind of fun to be honest. Finally I see a road. Never had I been so happy to touch cement. This journey had taken hours and it was getting kind of dark outside. We needed to get to the mall fast. I hop on my skateboard and book it, looking for the nearest bottle of water. My phone is still going off but I don’t have time to check it.

We come across these huge dudes decked out in tattoos standing in front of a building. We tell them our story and ask if we could get a drink from the building. They say we’re not allowed in there, but give us some funny tasting pink Kool Aid. It was the best drink I have ever had in my entire life. We thank these giants and continue our mission.

We finally reach the mall, but before I go in, I decide to finally check my phone. It’s my mom.  She had been calling me and texting me all day, and I ignored every single one of them. I tell her I’m at the mall and she starts screaming her head off at me for not letting her know what’s up and tells us that she’s picking us up immediately. We stood in front of the mall until she picked us up. Then yelled at us even more. I was crushed. We were so close, yet so far. We never made it to the mall that day. All of that for nothing. Moral of the story, if you want to go on a journey, tell your mom first.

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