The Importance of Music in Daily Life

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By Gabriel S.

music stencil


 It pains me to hear someone doesn’t listen to music because the significance of music’s role in my life is insurmountable, but it also intrigues me.  I read in a bunch of boring articles that pleasure receptors in the brain are found to go off when one is exposed to music they find to be satisfying. This explains why music that appeals to ones preferences can change a person’s mood and affect how they feel at the moment. Usually for the better but I don’t know about some people that listen to death metal it doesn’t exactly make me happy just angry. Personally, I listen to tons of different genres but my favorites would probably be all types of rock, trip hop, and old school rap/ hip hop. I listen to different styles depending on what mood I am in or what mood I would like to be in. A lot of people I know tell me that when they are stressed that they like to play some music and just chill out. Music can be a form of personal therapy and the fact that some people simply do not find listening to music a satisfying experience still perplexes me. One theory that I have come up with is that a person who claims they do not like music has simply not found the type of music that they are attracted to. Everybody is different and thus everyone has different musical preferences. Some people listen to multiple genres of music and some only listen to one genre. The beautiful thing about music is that there is a style of music for everyone and finding a person’s preferred genre takes some time but it’s out there. Its important to spread music across communities and small groups so that new artists are introduced to new fans and new fans discover new artists. So if anyone you know claims they do not like music or says that they haven’t found any genre that interests them then help a brother/sister out and introduce new music to them. The amount of music to be discovered is never ending.


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