Teens Talk: Platforms for Music Consumption

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Today, people listen to music using many different platforms.

Some pay for their music and others listen to it for free. Common ways of listening to music are: using streaming services like Spotify and Pandora on an electronic device, listening directly from the internet (like YouTube and SoundCloud), listening to the radio, playing CDs, and playing songs you own digitally. People pay to own songs (digitally or on a physical platform) or use streaming services ad-free with unlimited skips. Spotify has nearly 100 million total users, and 10 percent of videos on YouTube seem to be played only for music, not for watching.

I listen to Spotify, the radio, music I bought from iTunes, and the occasional CD.  Music is a part of our daily lives and is a part of many people’s lifestyles. It is something that can highly affect, change, or enhance our mood.

1. What is the main platform you currently use to listen to music and why?

2. Would you ever pay to listen to music? If yes, what platform would you pay for and why? If you wouldn’t, why not?

3. How do you discover new music?

4. Are the main platforms people use to listen to music changing?

5. In the next century, will people stop listening to music from physical forms like CDs and records and only listen to music from their phones and computers?

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