She Kinda Goes

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Gracie Arevalo is a 17-year-old high school girl and #72 on the Saint Mary’s College High School football team. Gracie describes her experience of joining the team and shows me her routine in the sports facilities. Mikey Garcia, a senior also on the varsity team, gives his perspective on a girl joining the football team and the effect it had on the players. Three senior students, Andres Archilla, Charlotte Guillory, and Max Pollak, offer the perspective of the general student body, which is mostly positive but with a hint of sarcasm and doubt. Mr. Casey Filson, a counselor and assistant coach to the football team, states that he was impressed with both Gracie’s determination and skill. I aimed to tell a well-rounded story of the effects of a girl joining the team and breaking expectations, not just on the player herself, but on her community as well.

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