Rountable: 2013’s Generation

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By: Anastasia E.

My generation in 2013 is very misguided. No one has their own mind, everyone follows each other. Girls be 12 looking and acting like they’re 18. Boys now a days, don’t know how to be respectful. And on top of that, everyone has a smart phone, also iphones. So, no one ever likes to just go outside and take a break, or even just pick up a book or magazine. One day, my mother and I were on the bus and her friend’s daughter walked on the bus. When my mother saw her she said hello and asked her age and why she was dressing the way she dressed. The girl was only 13 years old, and she had on a haulter top with some really short shorts. She told my mom she was dressing this way because it was in style. I just don’t feel that everyone has their own opinion. About the way they act or dress. My opinion is everyone, no matter if your 13, or not, should have your own way of everything you think or do, and no one should influence you to do anything you don’t want to do. Here with me to talk about our generation are LaSalle, 15 and Dani, 14.

 Questions :

–          Why do you think people like to follow other people’s opinions ?

–          What do you do or say when you see a younger female dressed the way she was in my story ?

–          Have you ever been influenced by people your age ?

–          Why do you think in this generation people act and look older, then what they are ?

–          If there wasn’t as much technology as there is,  do you believe anything would be different ?

–          What do you have to say about our generation ?

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