Review: Shopping With Kira At ALDO’S

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ALDO Shoe Store
By: Kira

I’ve always been a big fan of ALDO’s shoes. When I’m in New York I go downtown Brooklyn and 42nd street in Manhattan to shop there.

When I shop at ALDO’s I mainly get their heels, sandals and handbags. I shop at ALDO’s because they have good material, long lasting shoes, and they’re comfortable.

In 1972 Aldo Bensadoun founded ALDO’s shoe store in Canada, which Collaborated with many different countries such as USA, UK and Ireland.

ALDO’s isn’t just a shoe store they help with education and prevention programs such as youth aids partnership. Together they have generated $3.5 million in donations. Also ALDO’s has presence in over 80 countries and territories.

I shop at ALDO’s because they’re more inexpensive then going to a main shoe outlet. ALDO’s sell’s many different brands like Christian  Louboutin, Kenneth Cole, Steve madden, and Jimmy Choo’s. Their brand name handbags include Gucci, Coach and Madonna’s famous fashion line “Truth or Dare”.

I recommend people to this store because they have beautiful handmade material and you wont be unsatisfied with the products you purchase. ALDO’s is also available for all genders and ages.

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