Review: Fruitvale Station

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Fruitvale Bart Station

By: Gabriel B.

In the film “Fruitvale Station,” Michael B. Jordan plays the role as Oscar Grant, a young man in his mid 20’s that is trying to get his life back together after doing time in jail, selling marijuana to pay family expenses, and losing his job.

His girlfriend Sophina, played by Melonie Diaz, tries to motivate Oscar to do the right thing. She seems to have a tough personality, but she actually exhibits a certain amount of caring characteristics.

Grants daughter Tatiana, played by  Ariana Neal, shows excessive love for her father. She is always happy around him, but seems to be nervous whenever he leaves her. Oscar Grant was killed by the police at Fruitvale Station, on new years eve. This movie is very touching to most that have seen it for a couple of reasons.

This film was made in a way that the viewer would be able to relate to him and develop feelings for him. So when he was shot, people felt for him because of how unjust his death was. As of now, I can’t pinpoint the best part of the movie because the whole movie was brilliant, but the worst part of the movie is obviously when he was shot dead at Fruitvale  Station.

Of course, the fact that he was shot dead was pretty terrible, but the way that the actors executed this scene was absolutely magnificent. They did it in such a way that the police were the antagonist and Oscar was the protagonist. The only thing that I would change about “Fruitvale Station” would be to make the film longer. I would suggest this film to anybody. It helps one to understand how valuable the life of any person is. It is a lesson that could change the world.

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